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Our Confidentiality Guarantee

Our Personal GuaranteeDear client,

To protect your competitive edge, and earn the right to do business with you, we promise to protect your name, e-mail address and the details of your correspondence with GolliverMedia.

We do not share your information with third parties unless you give us permission or the law specifically requires us.

As a prospective or existing client, we would like you to know how seriously we take this pledge to respect your personal privacy and any potentially sensitive details about projects which you share with us during the course of negotiations.

About The Services We Provide to You

We believe in producing quality products and do our due diligence when researching and producing content for our clients. Our services are provided "as is" and it is the clients responsibility to read and ultimately accept full responsibility for the end product we produce, whether that be a website or ghostwriting, etc.
We work for YOU, therefore we do what YOU want, to the best of our ability.

When GolliverMedia completes a project for you, YOU own 100% of the intellectual property rights and responsibilities! This means you retain 100% of YOUR project's profit potential, along with the rights to change, edit, or alter the content that GolliverMedia provides in anyway that you see fit unless otherwise stated in writing!

To Your Success,

Michael & Corena



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