Q: Why is your website mostly monochromatic black?

A: The same reason Ralph Lauren wears black turtlenecks.

Q: How do you pronounce Golliver Media?

A: Exactly the same as “Gulliver’s Travels”.

(It’s a last name thing that has been spelled wrong for generations.)

Think of all the trouble it caused Michael growing up pronouncing things like STOP signs like STUP signs ect. Actually now that you know the history behind “GOLLIVER”, it should be easy to remember the name of your favorite web content providers, GOLLIVER MEDIA!


Q: Why can I find occasional  mistakes on the GolliverMedia.com website?

A: Have you ever flushed a toilet in a plumber’s house?

Seriously, making websites is our business so we’re constantly tinkering with this site trying out different codes and concepts for our customers. You may occasionally visit our site when we are discovering something that doesn’t work, it’s the only way to stay on the cutting edge!

Don’t worry your webpages will be tested before delivery, and will be flawless.


Q: Does “Golliver Media” take payments for custom work?

A: Nope,  to keep prices competitive for everyone, we only take cash up front. (It’s not like we could sell your custom article or website to somebody else.)

However, we can break down bigger jobs into incremental milestone plans. Call us for a custom quote today!

Q: What’s with the cavalier attitude toward social media on the bottom of each page?

A: Shouldn’t social media be fun, interesting or entertaining? We think so. Therefore you’ll find no stuffed shirts in our social media campaigns, emails and etc.




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