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Office Suite Applications:

Save, edit and create office documents for your business for free!

Open Office –

Image Editing Software

And instructions for manipulating and making promotional images like a professional graphic designer

The Gimp –

IrfanView –

Pixelmator – (for MAC)

Inkscape – for vector images –

Video Editing Software:

Leave the outtakes, on the cutting room floor to make videos your competition envies.

Avid Studio – (30 day free trial)

Movie Maker –

iLife – (for MAC) Includes iPhoto 11, iMovie 11, GarageBand 11

WAX Debug Mode –

Audio Recording and Editing Software:

Create audio products  and advertising audio right  on your own computer.

Audacity –

Video Screen Capture Software

Great for advertising. Shows people exactly how you did it – by capturing every step you took in free editable video format.

Virtual Dub –



FTP Software:

(And instructions for placing and changing pages on the web anytime you want!) is a webmasters tool for the collection of ‘schemas’, (schema are html tags, etc.) you can use this to help search engines recognize the information on your websites better.

Free to Digital Point Members

Put a marquee

on your website to scroll the latest news or feature of your site.

(Annoying pop-up warning)

Zen cart

…is free and has a lot of free add-ons



Great templatSes for business card etc

Free brushes for photoshop

Okay, This is the best set of Photoshop Tutorials that you can laugh at, ever!

Check this out (but maybe not when the young ones are in the room…)

Free Images:

The Open Clipart Library (OCAL) –  free and with no restrictions.

Stock.XCHNG – free and can be used commercially with correct permissions

The MorgueFile – Free commercial and non-commercial use


Wiki Summarizer

Similar to Google’s old Wonder Wheel. It is an application that summarizes Wikipedia articles. It identifies the most important keywords and ranks them by relevancy.You can use this tool to help identify keywords for your pages.

Forum Board Search engines

When looking for forums to comment- in your niche- for SEO link building this search engine is great


Real time analytics that are free for limited amounts but worth it to track where a person is looking on your page ..check out the free package benefits.

•    Limited plan $0

•    400 recorded pageviews / month

•    Limited playback

•    Generate Heatmaps of your most popular page

(Link to free package on bottom of the page.)


Downloadable desktop client that tracks visitors to your site using heat maps and real time visuals

(A free basic plan for non-commercial, personal sites)

(Go here for price plans-It is hard to find prices on the site without signing up.)


A tool to check at-a-glance the link popularity of any site based on its ranking (Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati etc.), social bookmarks (, etc), subscribers (Bloglines, etc) and more!

Web2.0 directory



Because when your computer is making money downtime is unacceptable!

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft’s free virus protection software


Malwarebytes is a very effective free anti-malware tool

Spybot – Search and Destroy

this malware removal tool has advanced features that can really search out the nasties but if you are not careful, it can destory your own downlaoded products so use with care.

Download using a mirror



…Turns Skype Into a Virtual Business Collaboration Tool

InnerPass is a Skype Extra that adds Persistence to Web Meetings to help organize and coordinate ongoing collaborative projects.

Free $0.00 Forever

Meeting Rooms: 5 Rooms

Screen Sharing: 30 Minutes

Guests : 5 Participants

Storage: 1 GB Total Storage


…is a browser-based simultaneous multiuser editor, a form of same-time, different-place groupware. It allows multiple users to edit a single web-based document at the same time, and it continuously synchronizes all changes so that users always have the same version.


…is a simple timer program that can be used to time a number of different tasks or events together or indepenedently of each other. You can easily name each timer and track information about what you are timing – a great solution for those who need to track their time for billing, timesheets and more.


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