Putting Your Business On Facebook!

Many people come to us, asking for help putting their business on Facebook.

Most of the time, what they think they want us to do for them is set up a “Profile” for their business.

Luckily, they came to us, because we read Facebook’s “Terms of Service”!

While we can help them set up a “Facebook Page”, it would be against Facebook’s Terms of Service for us, (or anyone) to help them set-up a Facebook “Profile” for their business.

Here is why!


The same rules that stop 50 year old male sexual predators from creating a second Facebook account, pretending to be 12 year old girls for the purposes of luring in victims, makes it so that you can’t create a second account for your business to lure in customers.

However, we can help you use your personal account to create or administer Facebook Pages for all your businesses!


You may say, “Hey, I’ve seen other people creating Personal Profiles for their business – using nothing more than another email address!”

Sure, we’ve seen them too, and we’ve also seen them closed down and their accounts deleted or frozen.

Do you want to take this risk?

Do you really want to invest time and money into creating something that you know is against Facebook’s terms of service, knowing that all your work could be deleted or your account frozen with one of those “This profile has been frozen due to questionable behavior” labels?

We don’t believe that this is the best way we could help you.

However, we’ll be glad to help you set up a Facebook Page for your business, which you can administer using your Primary Facebook account or have us administer it for you – using our own personal Facebook accounts.

You can share Page administrative duties with whomever you choose from the long list of people who have Facebook Accounts!

We have the ability to help you make a great Facebook Page!

It could look like ours or like Coca Cola’s, whatever you want!

It’s easy and more affordable than you think!

If you’re interested contact us here.


  1. Here is a new tip to get more facebook fans. Add a large custom banner to your blog and website asking for a “Like”

  2. BIll Edward DeBlaunk

    Awesome post dude. Thanks I think you saved me from getting kicked of FB!

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