Kidpreneur – 5 Best Toys That Spark Entrepreneurialism

Our Picks For The Best Toys That Inspire Children…

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#1 Entrepreneur Barbie

In over 50 year's Barbie probably hasn't ever chosen a better career!

By letting children pretend to be entrepreneurs, you're encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and giving them the tools that they need to solve the big problems of tomorrow!

Children can't become what they can't imagine.

#2 GoVenture Games

Games almost as fun as the real thing! You can play the free trial of the video game online HERE - Caution: Playing it may become addictive!

Think the kids are spending to much time on electric gizmos? Check out their board game specs HERE, and then get ready to clear off your coffee table to have some fun!

#3 Shimmer n Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom Rubber Band Bracelet Maker

Kids can create, sell or trade bracelets, all the while learning about creating value, sales, and marketing!

#4 The Teaching Cash Register

by Learning Resources® - Watch small children pick up valuable small business skills while playing with this toy. Plus, the lessons they learn will serve them well throughout life! How many times while standing in the MEGA STORE'S self checkout lane have you wished the person in front of you had practiced at home on one of these?

#5 Can you guess this one?

Hint: It's one of the most popular toys in the world!

Hint #2: You played it as a child!

Click and play and the good memories will all come back to you! Oh, the hours of fun - especially when you added a few of your own rules!

You might not have children of your own, but you can’t deny that children are our future.

We all need to inspire the children in our lives to explore their Kidpreneurial spirit, so they can discover and practice the skills they will need to overcome the challenges they will face tomorrow!

Good For Everyone: Even if a Kidpreneur doesn’t grow up to own their own company, the experience they have gained during their youth will help them to understand what it means to be a good employee, and an informed customer. That makes the world better for them and everyone!

Children can not become what they have not imagined!

Please let us know if you agree that these are the 5 best gift ideas for Kidpreneurs, or give us your picks in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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